Woof Wednesday: Forced Vacation

I think there’s a furry conspiracy afoot. Monday I lost my Internet connection which meant I spent most of the next day out of the house finding a “hot spot” to get work done. But once I returned home–with a week-in-advance caught up online–the pets ambushed me for EXTRA attention! They celebrated the fact the plastic-box-thingy I stare at nearly 24/7 had been shut down and put away. Even my Blackberry refused to download emails.

Radio silence meant I could concentrate on more important things. Like tossing the Frisbee. And petting the kitty.

How often do we bemoan having so little “free time” to spend doing what we truly want to do? And then when technology failure actually “gifts” us with a forced vacation, we gnash our teeth with frustration and can’t even enjoy the change of pace.

Well enough already. Yesterday at Panera Bread I published a puppy article about rabies risk and blogged about it. And then uploaded and scheduled two more puppies articles and blogs, plus THIS blog and two more future ones. I am sooooo done. Therefore, if the blogs over the next several days seem a weee bit short–well, that’s because~~~
magic water 5
I’m tossing a Frisbee for the Magical-Dawg, or running the hose for him, or rambling the 13 acres while he sniffs out adventures, or playing chase-the-feather with Seren-Kitty, or playing my piano/cello/singing or even READING for recreation for a change.

How do you deal with forced vacation? If you didn’t have deadlines, what would you do RIGHT THIS MINUTE? Please share…and you’ll be ready the next time the Internet or some other karma deals you an unexpected gift of free time.

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Woof Wednesday: Forced Vacation — 14 Comments

  1. So true, Amy! I’m not wishing for a technosnaffoo since I’m on deadline for a book, but the instant it’s out the door, I’m TAKING some time off. OK, a couple hours anyway. 🙂 Top of my to do with no deadline – take silly Lily the Lab to one of the dog-friendly beaches for a romp, and take my trusty Pentax to the beach and/or salt marsh to “shoot” some birds. But really, we should schedule, not sneak, this stuff in, doncha think?

    • Hiya Caren, I ran errands this morning. Had to hit the post office, pick up kitty food at the vet, and visit the bank. Now once again at Panera Bread getting caught up on email schtuff. But I don’t plan another 7-hour marathon today.

    • Oh, no! Carin’s here too? She’s stalking me 🙂

      I love forced vacations. Gives me a chance to catch up on things I always put off like you said playing with the dog and cats, shopping, visiting my mom, gardening (ewww and mowing, yuck).

      With a local conference coming up though, my free time is slowly dwindling. Ah for the days when I used to look forward to weekends. Weekends? What are those? I forget.

  2. I guess the correct answer would be: Enjoy the vacation without guilt, get out of the house and see something different, and no sitting at the desk being frustrated about no internet. Ah, but the real answer is I’d be frustrated about lack of access to the net and dreading the catching up I’d have to do. I wouldn’t be prepared with fun things to do, so I would whittle away my time doing nothing interesting.
    Maybe we should all put together a disaster preparedness plan for losing the internet. Have a fun project ready and waiting for us, should it ever happen. Allow for spontaneous ideas, too.
    Try to enjoy your ‘free’ time!

  3. If I had a forced “vacation” from the computer, I’d definitely read (hopefully my Kindle wouldn’t be included in the technology vacation…) and write in my *notebook* for a change! My handwriting is terrible, but sometimes it’s nice to write longhand.

  4. Amy, I’m so glad you had time for your Magic and Seren and your creative self. I find after those little forced breaks that I need a long time to get back to speed, my mind still on the wonderful things I was doing. When my router decided to retire and my local Comcast office didn’t have the newer style I needed until the next morning, I got around to some yard work I’ve been putting off and am still happy I did every time I look in that spot in the yard–along with petting cats and painting and photography!

    • Yard work is on my to-do list, too. It’s been too hot, and my back too if-y to dive in. But it has to get done soon–or else I’ll need to invest in a flame thrower and level the greenery.

    • Ya know, Patricia, it was! But I’m glad that now I’m back online. And…I got caught up enough that it’s taken some of the end-of-month deadline pressure off for a change.

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