Woof Wednesday: Cute Puppy Pictures & Doggy Pacifiers

Last Saturday I spent the morning with my colleague Lynette George who runs a small private rescue operation locally. She’s also my editor at the newspaper, and lets me know when puppies (or kitties) are available for adoptions–and photo ops! I wanted to test some toys for future reviews on the Puppies Site, and these energetic models offered their expert puppy-licious opinion. The toys are courtesy of Planet Dog, one of my fav puppy toy sites not just because the dogs love ’em but they’re environmentally responsible.

You should have seen the Magical-Dawg’s face when I took these toys out of HIS house. Talk about a hang-dog expression. That’s him (above) when he was still a little guy. Get a load of those ears! He’s sucking on a stuffed toy–and he still does that to this day. Actually that’s the subject of today’s Ask Amy video —

But first, the SQUEEE! puppy pix! If you’re interested in adopting any of these beauties post a note in the comments and I’ll put you in touch with Lynette.

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ caption=”Decisions, decisions . . . what if I want 'em both?” Decisions decisions...Pup with toys


[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”459″ caption=”For me?” pup with ball


[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ caption=”I saw it first!” 2 pups argue over toy


[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ caption=”Worked like a dog…sleep like a puppy.” Sleepy pup


So what are YOUR dog’s favorite toys? Do they have interesting habits or preferences, like nursing on a particular object? My first shepherd couldn’t eat unless his favorite ball was in the bowl for him to eat around it. He didn’t nurse on stuffed toys but would fall asleep with a tennis ball in his mouth–and end up with dry tongue, LOL! What are some other possible reasons for the dog in the Ask Amy holding on to a blanket or pillow? Please share.

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Woof Wednesday: Cute Puppy Pictures & Doggy Pacifiers — 12 Comments

  1. Cute – “Work[ed] like a dog…sleep like a puppy.”

    Our Sydney loves his lumpy-puppy toy. He’s had at least a dozen, which he pounces on, thrashes while growling with glee. His lumpy puppies look like him, white with long-clumped hair. Sometimes he even lets us catch him, then play tug, but not very often.

    • Ya know, the first “bear toy” I got for Magic was nearly his size and dark brown to look like his littermates when we brought him home. Worked so well he slept with it, played it to death–but very hard to find dark/black “teddy” toys. The current one is a one-eared Easter bunny (he amputated the ear)–but for Magic, ALL stuffed toys are a “bear.” *s*

  2. I have a Nova Scotia Duck Toller. Luckily she’s never been a real chewer (shoes, furniture etc) but she would tear stuff toys to bits.
    Last year, we found these ahhmazingly durable dog stuffed animal toys for her finally. They are American Kennel Club certified and they last forever. The squeaker, the eyes – everything! Ahhmazing! She’s had them a year, carries them around, tears at them, fetches with them and they are still going strong!
    http://www.amazon.com/AKC-Squirrel-Dog-Toy-Large/dp/B000GJ2K9O is one of Tess’ favs! She also has the bunny (which oddly squeaks like a duck?!?!) :-))
    Highly recommended!!!

    • How fun! I got one of those “indestructible” toys for Magic–a pink pig–and it’s lasted over a year which is amazing for him. One seam has separated but that’s all. He did finally kill the squeaker. I’ll have to check out your recommendation, looks fun. Magic is death on squeakers, likes to amputate ears/tails and if he gets one seam open, he disembowels and wants to EAT the stuffing. NOT good!

  3. That Shepard is so cute! I’ve always wanted one. Unfortunately, we can’t have toys laying around because our dogs chew them. One of our mini doxies had a major surgery recently because he’d gotten a magnet off the fridge, and we almost lost him. Our Golden will eat anything and everything outside. We have to control the toys, and their favorites are plain old tennis balls.

  4. My aunt and uncle used to have a dog (big black lab) who was given a towel to suck on.

    And ooohhhhh it’s such a good thing the only GSD in those photos is already claimed. 😉 Already have enough trouble with the furballs I’ve got right now. LOL You sure he’s not part rabbit? 😉 They’re just too cute!

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