Why Pets Drink from Toilets

Eww! But both cats and dogs drink from the toilet and gross us out. I’ve written about why pets drink from the toilet for the puppies.about.com site but the topic was just too perfect for an Ask Amy video.


Do your pets indulge? Image Copr. ArtGoesHere/Flickr

Do your cats and dogs indulge in potty games? It can be very dangerous especially if you use household cleansers that can poison pets, so it’s really important to prevent the behavior if you don’t object to potty-mouth-kisses from your pet. DOUBLE EWW!


Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC

Thankfully, Seren these days only indulges in sink-sipping rather than potty-water-chugging. But there are the pets that don’t drink from the toilet but consider it a jacuzzi…


Image via izismile.com

What have I missed in the Ask Amy video below? Any other reasons you can think of why your dog or kitty might be attracted? Do they enjoy watching the water swirl around (watch out for cats that flush, LOL! can make for a very high water bill). Do tell!

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Why Pets Drink from Toilets — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, Amy I have a 16 month old cat (Termite) who loves the toilet. We must keep the lid down or he wants to watch the water swirl and then get him a lick. Of course he’s the potty partner and goes with you faithfully every time you go. He also likes to lay in the lavatory, kitchen sink, window and clothes dryer. He’s a cat of a different color so to speak as I call him the kitchen cousin, window watcher, door greeter and of course the potty partner. He is quite busy. And I almost forgot he likes a little sip of soda pop – preferably something diet with cherry in it.

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