Why Do Dogs Roll in Nasty Schtuff

pup-sniffI’m just back from a wonderful trip to San Diego (details to come on Friday’s blog), and so am a wee bit behind trying to get caught up. I’ve updated this blog, and also made some changes to my website. Let me know what you think! Trying to simplify so that later updates won’t be so massive. I guess you could say that I’m “scooping up the poop-icity” so there’s less schtuff to wade through. 🙂

I’ve written about this topic before in this article about why puppies roll, but here’s also a fun Ask Amy video. So, do your dogs roll in (ahem) crappiocca? That’s one advantage to the cold snap much of the country suffers–the poop-du-jour freezes and isn’t as easily carried indoors on the pet’s fur. Yuck!

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Why Do Dogs Roll in Nasty Schtuff — 2 Comments

  1. This is especially irritating when your dog is white! My first Eskie loved to go out into the horse pasture and roll in the manure. Sometimes I fretted that she was green more than she was white! On her worst days she even showed up with a pile of green on her nose.

    Now Blizzard doesn’t have any horses to supply him with green but he still manages to find green stuff in the back yard. And he is FAST! If I let him out while I work in the garden and turn my back for just an instant he is down on the ground rolling in what I’m guessing is rabbit-poo. This is really no fun when your dog is an indoor dog. It’s even worse when I plan to take him to the retirement center to visit! TIme for another bath.

    • Magic had this neighbor horse friend and I think he still looks for “Romey” when we go for car rides and he sees a similar looking horse. But Magic ate the stuff…didn’t roll. Not sure which is worse! Since we live on what’s known as “cottontail mountain” there’s plenty of rabbit poo here, too.

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