Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt

My Bravo-Dawg loves to play with rocks, and then play keep-away with them like a fun toy. I’m scared he’ll break a tooth. But why do dogs eat dirt?

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Dogs don’t have hands, and so they explore their world by mouthing and carrying objects around. Chewing, while a natural behavior, gets dogs into trouble if they eat dirt or other non-digestible objects.

Bravo also likes to eat grass. While some dogs eat poop and snack from the litter box, I’ve got Karma-Kat’s facilities set up to prevent that. Actually puppies tend to do more potty snacking than adult dogs and you can find tips to curb the nasty habit here.

What about eating toys or rocks or other non-edibles? Dogs do eat a lot of weird stuff, as addressed in this blog post. And courtesy of one of my Facebook friends, the Ask Amy video addresses the issue of dogs eating dirt.

So how do you manage your dog’s odd snacking tastes? Do you catch your dog eating dirt? What’s the weirdest thing your pooch has ever swallowed? I remember one of my Grandma’s puppies gobbling up a favorite necklace pendant of mine when I was a kid. Yep, I recovered it later when the puppy passed it back to me–ahem–but never felt the same about wearing it again.

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