#Thrillers Thursday: Brendan Rielly AN UNBEATEN MAN

Chills, thrills and spills with Thriller Thursday by Amy Shojai

Chills, thrills and spills with Thriller Thursday by Amy Shojai

THRILLER THURSDAY is a new occasional feature of Bling, Bitches & Blood. As a member of International Thriller Writers and alumni of the ITW Debut Author Program, it is my honor to showcase select ITW authors and books participating in the ITW Bloggers Program. If you love reading great books as much as I do, check out my guest BRENDON RIELLY! 

Brendan book cover photoAn Unbeaten Man is Brendan Rielly’s first thriller. Brendan is a member of ITW and Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance and studied advanced fiction writing while attending law school. Brendan is chair of Jensen Baird’s litigation department and lives with his wife and three children in Westbrook, Maine, where he is the City Council President. Brendan is the middle of three generations of Maine authors with his father and son (as a high school senior) also published. Check out Brendan Rielly’s author page here and be sure to LIKE him on Facebook.


I met Brendan (in the *virtual* sense) through the International Thriller Writers. We are both members of the “blog-icity” team for the organization, and one of the perks is we get to read each other’s books. And hey, I just found out he was born in South Bend, Indiana, not too far from Elkhart/Bristol where I grew up. Small world, eh? (Of course, now he’s in Maine and I’m in Texas so not sure what that means). 🙂

Now, my TBR pile teeters dangerously toward the ceiling and my taste in thrillers runs more toward the medical and action/adventure rather than espionage. I’m also a bit leery of Middle East/terrorist type plots (some of y’all know why) so I put off starting the book.

But no worries there…HOLY CATS within the first few paragraphs, the story grabbed me by the throat (in a good way!) and never let go, AN UNBEATEN MAN sucked me into this race-against-time of global proportions. I’m surprised the main character Michael McKeon survives either physically or emotionally, after what he goes through, and the reader continues to root for him all the while knowing he simply can’t overcome the odds…and yet someone “keeps on ticking.” And guess what? the satisfying ending makes it clear that this is just the beginning of what promises to be a fantastic series. BRAVO!

I can see why Douglas Preston offered such a glowing quote for this debut novelist. Be sure to check out other reviews from the likes of Steve Berry, Gayle Lynds and more on this page. 

“An Unbeaten Man is a first-class thriller that starts with a fascinating premise—that a microbe can destroy petroleum stocks—and spins into a story of international intrigue, suspense, and maximum mayhem. This well-crafted novel offers compelling characters, believable science, exotic settings, and plenty of surprises. Highly recommended!” –Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling author of The Kraken Project and Blue Labyrinth


Abandoned by his father, orphaned by his drug-addled mother, and devastated by the murder of his sister, Michael McKeon was once a hardened “street dog who learned to play in traffic.” Years later, Michael is now a Bowdoin College professor with a wife and adopted daughter. When he creates a microbe that instantly cleans up any oil spill, no matter how large, by devouring the oil, that discovery should be the breakthrough that defines a career. But the microbiologist’s life is ruined when The Global Group kidnaps his wife and daughter, forcing him to use his microbe to destroy all Saudi and Russian oil. As Michael races against the clock to save his family, he becomes a threat to the secret efforts of the American, Russian and Saudi governments to douse the flames in the Middle East by implementing a new Marshall Plan.

Haunted by the loss of one family and determined not to lose another, Michael will do anything to save his wife and daughter, even if it means throwing the world into chaos. And heaven help anyone, even his own government, who tries to stop him. From the moment Michael’s family is kidnapped, the action never stops, propelling him relentlessly from Bowdoin College’s deceptively tranquil campus in Brunswick, Maine, to a hidden laboratory in the United Arab Emirates; to Abqaiq in the desolate and unforgiving Empty Quarter; to the bitter isolation of the Sakhalin Island oil fields off Russia’s far eastern coast; and to the final showdown in an isolated dacha outside Moscow, where Michael may not survive the ultimate betrayal of discovering who is really behind The Global Group.
Down East Books is the go-to source for books about Maine, and an imprint of Globe Pequot, the trade division of Rowman & Littlefield. AN UNBEATEN MAN published November 2015 | Hardback $24.95 | 6×9 | 260pp.  (NOOK Ebook $11.99)
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