Thriller Books Give Away, Bling, & Kindle Fire!

My Mother’s Day book giveaways were so popular, I polled my Facebook peeps what they’d like offered next. And…they said FICTION FICTION FICTION! That’s great! So, I’ve put together a book bundle of the first three thrillers in my series, PLUS some paw-some rhinestone bling. And also, a Kindle Fire!

The prize will be awarded on JUNE 10, so you’ll want to enter now and share everywhere. Why? Because the more you share, you increase your chances to win. *s* Everyone wants to win free books.

CLICK on the picture, below, or THIS LINK to sign up for your chance to win.

By the way, if you prefer audiobooks, I now have the book bundle available on audible and other platforms. Here’s the link where you can get the books for free with the trial offer! contest to win free books

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Amy Shojai is a certified cat & dog behavior consultant and the award-winning author of 30+ pet-centric books and Thrillers with Bite! Oh, and she loves bling!


Thriller Books Give Away, Bling, & Kindle Fire! — 2 Comments

  1. I just finished ‘Fight or Flight’ and loved it! I loved all four of the September Day series and have only one complaint: a warning that tissues will be needed. Seriously, I could hardly get through ‘Show and Tell’, I was crying so hard at the end. You have a gift for stirring emotions when it comes to the whole-hearted giving a dog will do for its human.
    I don’t normally write to authors but I had to make an exception in your case. The Schutzhund references, the ‘games’, the teaching techniques… all of it resonated. I did Schutzhund competitions with my Dobermans in Utah, I also competed, rather successfully, in AKC obedience work, actually getting a Sch III and CDX concurrently. I started a 501(c)3, where I was the Trainer Director for ten years; Intermountain Therapy Animals in Salt Lake City. Two other friends and I literally wrote the book on how to use our animals, mostly dogs, in physical, speech and rehabilitation therapy and my dogs and I had incredible success with helping spinal cord injuries come back from that dark place and start living their lives again. Jo Courdet wrote a book about us, ‘The Good Shepherd’ for Reader’s Digest. I was an evaluator for the Delta Society before they changed their name to Pet Partners.
    See the similarities?
    When I lost my last Doberman four years ago, I allowed myself to grieve without the distraction of another dog. I felt I owed it to Sara to fully embrace the awful feelings of loss. After nearly a year I realized I was ready for another dog-love and put it out to the Universe that I was ready. I had already decided the health issues of my beloved Dobermans was something I just couldn’t go through again and decided it was time for a rescue. I didn’t choose a ‘breed’ or gender and told my dear friend, Cindy, about my decision. She told me to go to Second Chance Dog Rescue’s website and look at Violet. I did and nearly stopped breathing when I saw Violet was a Pit Bull, one of the two breeds I was reluctant to interact with.
    Long story short, when Violet arrived at my house, sitting on the front seat of a small pick-up truck wearing her red Christmas sweater, I fell instantly in love. And I guess she did the same. We have been inseparable ever since. She is my emotional support dog and the smartest, most affectionate dog I have ever had the joy to know.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for writing such wonderful stories. I hope September and Shadow will have more adventures and find love and happiness.
    All the best,

    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing! I’m delighted to *virtually* meet you. It’s always so much fun to hear from readers, but doubly so when from someone who really “gets it” about dog world. *s* So very sorry for your loss of Sara. When we lost our Magical-Dawg (he inspired the Shadow character), I thought my heart would break. And like you, we chose a rescue this time around — a Bullmastiff mix (his daddy was a traveling fellow! ha!), and are in love. But of course, our heart dogs and soul companions remain with us always.

      Yes, working on writing the next installment of September and Shadow’s story. *s* The title will be HIT AND RUN.

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