Thoughty Thursday: Get Into Something Good!

Okay, what are YOU into? Something good, I hope.

What else makes you smile? I’m working on the thriller today, yee-haw! And the cat is helping. Dang, I’ve got my dog, my cat, my writing, my music–I am REALLY into something good.

If you need a smile just take a look at this fun-tastic video. My thanks to Terry Albert for sending me the link.


13 thoughts on “Thoughty Thursday: Get Into Something Good!

  1. Happy writing on your thriller – I can’t wait to read it!

    Am I into something good? I’m distracted today by the purring, head-butting cat sitting in my lap (I keep having to fix typing errors because of him) and the video of our niece crawling for the first time. I’d say both are BIG feel-good moments. 🙂

  2. Hope your writing day is going well. Today’s been a bit tough because it’s Grace’s first day of kindergarten. But I got out of the house and went shopping, then met hubby for lunch. I also worked on draft three of my synopsis, and I get to pick Grace up in 45 mins. That feels good!

    • Stacy, how fun! but poignant. Hope Grace’s first day was a lovely milestone for her, too! Gosh, my brother and I attended the first kindergarten in our town established in the basement of the old post office by the same lady who later founded the town’s first library. Kindergarten is a great starting place for wonderful things to happen.

  3. Hehe. I don’t know if I ever told you, but all of my writing is done with one or more dogs, and quite often a couple of cats helping me. When Sam got killed, I stopped writing. I just couldn’t concentrate without him.

    Rose and Kleo have me back writing, and I’ve got two non-fiction books uploaded on Amazon (but not showing as released yet). One is ready on Smashwords, the second, well, I’m having a bit of a formatting problem, but I’ll get it fixed later today.

    And then I jump into getting the first two of Mom’s poetry books published. Couldn’t do it without the pets.


    PS: Yes, I am this far behind on my email. We just finished celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Email was a non-issue for two weeks 🙂

    • Congratulations on your anniversary, Wayne! And HURRAY for Rose and Kleo getting you back into writing.

      I experienced the same thing when my first dog died. His story was the first thing I ever got published–and it took me weeks before I could write again, and then it was about him. He’s still my furry muse. *s* But of course the current fur-kids have a very special and unique place in my heart and writing, and sort of inherited that inspirational talent. best, amy

      • The girls help keep me centered. They are my first line editors 🙂

        Tough editors too. You can’t lie to a dog. They sit there and stare at you with those sad puppy dog eyes…

        Thanks. The current joke is that we are silver on top for our Silver Anniversary, but that we’ll be pink on top for our Golden Anniversary because I at least won’t have any hair left.


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