Thoughty Thursday: Feeding The Muse


Due to the magic of WordPress, I get to write this EARLY and have it posted tomorrow morning while I’m flying to New York. Can you see my arms a-flappin’ (insert “twack-thwackity-thwack” sound effects)?

I don’t have a lot to say today other than–I’m excited, exhausted, anxious, and thrilled all rolled up in one. Excited because Thrillerfest is the absolutely BESTEST-FUNNEST-INSPIRING-EST conference I attend. Exhausted because I’ve managed to cram a week’s worth of work into two days so I wouldn’t be distracted with (ack) work while there. Anxious because flying ain’t near the adventure it used to be and crappiocca always–ALWAYS–happens (wonder if I”ll be profiled this time?).

And thrilled because I get to see my favorite authors, reconnect with friends and make new acquaintances.

For writers, nothing gives us a goose in the ass-terick like a writer’s conference. We get to schmooze and express our jealousy admiration for all those successful folks; steal all learn the secrets of their success; hang out with cool people in the bar during seminars  and find out–

They’re people, too. And they have some of the same angst-icity and writerly challenges that face the rest of us. Oh, and some of ’em worked for DAYS and WEEKS and sometimes MONTHS before they had an overnight success (I kid…more like years or decades in many cases).

So what’s the most inspiring part of being among people who really understand us–why we bang our heads on the virtual door of publication forever. It’s not that we’re born masochists. Okay, well, some folks are. And it’s not that we’re totally clueless about our lack of talent. Wait–maybe that fellow waa-a-aay over there might be a wee bit . . . never mind. For sure it’s not because we enjoy rejection.

Creative types do it because–it’s who we are, not just what we do. And gathering at a writer conference like Thrillerfest, or at a music festival or Harley Davidson convention, dog or cat show, quilt exhibition, or ComicCon or whatever floats your creative boat FUELS THE MUSE.

I’m already feeling all inspired-like.

What feeds your muse? How do you energize your creative side? When do you feel most in need of a pick-me-up, and where do you find the necessary go-get-’em juice to press on?

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5 thoughts on “Thoughty Thursday: Feeding The Muse

  1. This blog piece rocks! My muse inhabits raw materials. A hank of yarn, new art tools, a computer program, blank canvas… And yesterday, a pile of dog hair someone had brushed out of a shelter dog. I felted it into another dog. And never leave colorful markers and blank paper laying around me if you dont want colorful line drawings. Doodle? I can doodle. Essays? The absolute funnest thing to write. Raw materials for those are an experience, observation, or idea. Have a blast at the conference!

  2. Writers conferences are definitely crucial to keeping me feeling connected and energized. Just knowing I’m not the only person on the planet who spends her life in the corner of a coffee shop, playing with imaginary friends, is a real boost. I find, too, that physical motion will often get the wheels of my brain turning, as well. Have a great time at Thrillerfest!

    • Thanks piper! I agree…its nice to know there are folks just like us so either we aren’t really nuts…or at least are in good company! Just cked into room and getting situated.

    • @taureanw, I think you’d enjoy attending a conference. There’s nothing quite like being among others who understand what you’re going through as a writer, and offer their own experience and tips. Oh, and meeting agents and editors–remember, it’s so much harder to say “no” in person to a pitch, than to a faceless query. *s*

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