Starz The Musical! Celebrating Theatre–For the Rest Of Us!

STARZ THE MUSICAL! I’m thrilled to announce my newest project, Starz The Musical. Some of y’all know that in my so-called spare time, I’m a performer (actor/singer/musician). As a playwright, I partner with the talented writer/performer Frank Steele to create … Continue reading

Merry Christmas Wishes!

MERRY CHRISTMAS This Merry Christmas video was made three years ago, and is bittersweet since we’ve recently lost Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty. But the sentiment remains — May your dreams come true, your troubles be few, and all your Christmases be … Continue reading

Thanksgiving the Pet Writer Way: Giving Furry Thanks

It’s nearly Thanksgiving and I’m updating my annual blog. It’s time again to count my furry blessings. This year I’m thankful to be home with my family—furry and human—rather than on the bumpy road and bumpier plane. I’m thankful my … Continue reading

Celebrating Cat Writing Awards that Celebrate Cats! Get Your Gift Book Here

Cat Writers Hosts Awards Banquet I have attended every Cat Writers Association event since the beginning that celebrates cat writing awards, and almost missed the 23rd Annual Conference and Awards Banquet this past weekend. Part of that was concern about … Continue reading