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I met social media maven Kristen Lamb about three year’s ago and she changed my writing world at a time when “blogging” wasn’t really on my writerly radar. Now I’ve come back from the awesome BlogPaws blogger conference for pet peeps, and recognize just how visionary she is. I’m pleased to have been invited to teach at Kristen’s “virtual writer’s college” WANA International, and share with other writers some of the hard-knock lessons I’ve learned.

I made these head-banging mistakes so you don’t have to!

Kristen asked me to guest post about this Saturday’s class (details below). I presented THE REINVENTED WRITER as a lunch workshop at the OWFI Conference earlier this month and wanted to make it available to a wider audience who maybe couldn’t afford the hotel room or time away from home. So you’ll be able to attend from the comfort of your sofa with a laptop and headphones…or telephone…and can wear bunny slippers if you like! (Shhh, nobody will know!). There’s also a deep discount if you put in the code.

Here’s the guest post about this Saturday’s class and details, below, about the webinar. Hope to see you there!  (I may even SING!)

THE REINVENTED WRITER WORKSHOP Saturday May 25, 2:00-4:00 pm Eastern Time

The Reinvented Writer workshop helps newer writers avoid mistakes, and established authors (especially those “traditionally” published) to reevaluate, re-energize and re-emerge stronger than ever in the always-changing “new world” of publishing.

Today authors must be masochists in order to endure both the real and imagined slings and arrows of writer-icity bullying. The time for head-banging frustration and gnashing of teeth is over. In this class you’ll learn how to put on your big-boy (or girl)-panties, suck it up–and succeed!

This live two-hour fun Power Point presentation offers easy to use tips on how to “brand” yourself; the benefits of collaboration; ways to build “tribes” and why you should; how to leverage nonfiction to transition into fiction; ways to create diverse revenue streams; and how to use multiple platforms (blogs, YouTube, kindle, POD, audiobooks and more) to build your audience and career. Oh, and you’ll see some cute puppy and kitty pictures, too. (Use the code “OWFI” for $25 off!)

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