How Do You Say Love? Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™

Each year Subaru of America celebrates the love between our owners and their dogs with a dog-specific campaign. Subaru challenged bloggers to share how we incorporate our dogs to be a part of our family and why they are important … Continue reading

Feral Cats, TNR & Cat Fancy Magazine

The past couple of weeks brought two pieces of upsetting news, and their convergence prompted this blog. You see, a new report on the impact of cats upon wildlife extrapolated old statistics mixed with new suppositions to paint felines as … Continue reading

Cars for Dogs & Happy Yappy Appy for Puppy Bowl!

That’s right, thanks to Subaru, there’s now a FREE APP for your tablet or mobile devices that works in unison with the broadcast as well as re-broadcasts. I’m not a techie, but am told somehow the sounds during the Puppy … Continue reading

Seren’s 16th Birthday Catnip Bash!

Today’s Seren-kitty’s birthday! Well, it’s the day we’ve chosen to celebrate, anyway. It’s been a week long celebration, though, and she’s never at a loss for toys when terrific companies like Nekochan Enterprises sends kitty fun for a review. I’ve … Continue reading

Pet Pampering: Going Too Far?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s ample opportunity to pamper our furry wonders. We all love our pets–or we wouldn’t have ‘em. I’m all for spoiling dogs and cats, within reason–and when it doesn’t cause other problems. My … Continue reading