Monday Mentions: Blog Suckisity Angst

This is a first. I’m typing from my phone because my server has blocked my computer access to this blog…they don’t know how or why and tell me all is well from their side. Well alrighty then–makes me feel all … Continue reading

A Day In The Life…Of A Pet Writer

This morning as I stared into the face of my grinning German shepherd and dodged his bruising tail flagellations, I envied him. And I envied my Siamese wannabe who still hadn’t roused herself from her daily 16-plus-hour sleep marathon. I … Continue reading

Thanksgiving–The Pet Writer Way

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I plan to take the day off, for a change, and enjoy spending time with my family. This blog post revisits a similar one from a couple year’s ago but is no less true … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cat Writers, Bat Saviors & Garbage Musicians

This week I’m preparing for the 19th Annual Cat Writers Conference, to be held in my back yard (Dallas TX). After the seminar lineup on Friday, that evening I’ll be performing with my cohorts in a sampling of music from … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cougars, Detours & Barely Bear-able

Have you ever taken a wrong turn and gotten lost? How did you find your way back? Use a road map, or simply wander around a bit…and discover worthy sights? On the drive home from Colorado, we missed an exit–lucky … Continue reading