Monday Mentions: Lightening Strikes, Transplanting Pork & Puppet-icity

Playing catch-up today because Saturday night a lightening storm blasted electronics around the house. Fun time. The alarms on the security system beeped, wailed, and gnashed electronic teeth for over two hours (off and on) before we got it shut … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: The Devil Made Me Do It!

I’ve been a fan of Jim’s even before I met him at Thrillerfest a few year’s back, and then got to interview him for this Pet Peeves radio show about his Altar of Eden thriller featuring a veterinarian. So I … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Old Fogey Dog Webinar, Ask Amy & Dogs Rolling Over

Those who regularly read my blog know about all the cute puppy pictures and content (SQUEEEE!) I’ve been creating. Our old fogey dogs are just as–or even more–deserving of our love and attention. I’m thrilled to offer the fine folks … Continue reading