Woof Wednesday: Puppy Love & Valentine’s Day

Magic runs to me with his ears down and tail a-wag, wanting attention. He rolls on his back for a tummy rub or brings me a treasured toy to share. How do your dogs show love…or do they? Dogs have … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Valentines and Pet Peeves

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s “Monday Mentions” and I’m pleased to intorduce you to a very talented author, humor writer, social media maven, and terrific speaker (how’s that for a build up?), my friend Dena Harris. That’s her in the picture, and … Continue reading

Thoughtful Thursday: Mailing Pups and Valentine’s Love

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday—a now-and-then blog that asks the burning question: Just WHAT were they THINKING?! Gift giving should be a joyous event for both the giver and the recipient. And I can’t fault a loving parent for wanting to … Continue reading