Nom-Nom-Nom! How to TREAT Without Tummy Troubles

Treats cause tummy troubles? Really? According to my pets, “bad treat” is an oxymoron. “Only morons say that,” says Karma-Kat, paws-ing in his pursuit of a scorpion munchie. “Oxy? Is that like steaky?” says Magical-Dawg, drooling and licking his lips. … Continue reading

Lighten The Load: Reduced Weight Litter Helps Humans

Those who follow this blog know that I rarely review products, so it has to be pretty special for me to take the time to do so. I was curious, though, having used the Tidy Cats products for many years. … Continue reading

Pet Grass Treats

I received Priscilla’s Kitty GrassĀ  ($8.95) growing kit for free to review on the blog. No, not THAT kind of grass–it’s for the pets. They claim the grass has benefits for cats, dogs, reptiles and more. These days I’m waaaaay … Continue reading

Seren’s 16th Birthday Catnip Bash!

Today’s Seren-kitty’s birthday! Well, it’s the day we’ve chosen to celebrate, anyway. It’s been a week long celebration, though, and she’s never at a loss for toys when terrific companies like Nekochan Enterprises sends kitty fun for a review. I’ve … Continue reading