Monday Mentions: Aging Pets, Sorkinisms & Indie CrowdFunding is a community of bloggers with a special interest in pets–and August has been named Senior Pet Month. Isn’t that a PAW-some infographic? Those who read this blog know that my Seren-Kitty is a senior citizen at 16-years-young, and … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cougars, Detours & Barely Bear-able

Have you ever taken a wrong turn and gotten lost? How did you find your way back? Use a road map, or simply wander around a bit…and discover worthy sights? On the drive home from Colorado, we missed an exit–lucky … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Thrillerfest & Bunny Slippers with Teeth

I’m just home from Thrillerfest. What an amazing experience! This wasn’t my first attendance but was special and a stand-out in so many ways. That’s me at the Debut Author table on Saturday morning with 26 others in our class … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Desk Treadmills, Thrillerfest & Persian Problems

On Thursday I get on a plane to fly to New York City and attend Thrillerfest–YEEEE-HAW! Yes, I’m just a wee bit excited. I have my camera packed and will bring back lots of photos and some short videos of … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Grammarly, Socks Fun & Flying Cats

Happy July! This is a busy month for me. On July 11th, I travel to New York City for Thrillerfest where I’ll be a Debut Author and talk about Lost And Found (and forthcoming sequels). This is “summer camp for … Continue reading