Monday Mentions: Writer-icity & Pet-astic Links & CHEW on THIS!

I love that picture! Used it as the header for my Puppies Facebook Page which…has GONE AWAY! (or it will, shortly). Oh, the site isn’t going anywhere, but the powers that be have made a few changes. … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Aging Pets, Sorkinisms & Indie CrowdFunding is a community of bloggers with a special interest in pets–and August has been named Senior Pet Month. Isn’t that a PAW-some infographic? Those who read this blog know that my Seren-Kitty is a senior citizen at 16-years-young, and … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cougars, Detours & Barely Bear-able

Have you ever taken a wrong turn and gotten lost? How did you find your way back? Use a road map, or simply wander around a bit…and discover worthy sights? On the drive home from Colorado, we missed an exit–lucky … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Thrillerfest & Bunny Slippers with Teeth

I’m just home from Thrillerfest. What an amazing experience! This wasn’t my first attendance but was special and a stand-out in so many ways. That’s me at the Debut Author table on Saturday morning with 26 others in our class … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Desk Treadmills, Thrillerfest & Persian Problems

On Thursday I get on a plane to fly to New York City and attend Thrillerfest–YEEEE-HAW! Yes, I’m just a wee bit excited. I have my camera packed and will bring back lots of photos and some short videos of … Continue reading