Monday Mentions: Writer-icity Plans & Garden Goals

Only one more day until 2014, wowzer! I’ve spent the last week or so getting caught up, cleaning out files, and clearing my desk (and brain) for the new year’s projects. I even got a new desktop computer (the old … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Merry Cat-mas & More

We’ve finally thawed out of the melted ice-mageddon of being stuck a week inside. I was able to get all the way through my first pass revisions on HIDE AND SEEK, and sent that back to my editor. I also … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Ice, Ice and…oh yeah, Ice

  Morning, Sweet Peeps! I’ve been stuck in the house since Thursday with Ice-ageddon here in North Texas. Nowhere to go, lots of soup being made (and eaten), and Magical-Dawg bored out of his furry skull. There are LOTS of … Continue reading

Writing Like Cats & Dogs! Turn Niche Writing Into A “Brand-New” Career

A TWO-DAY WORKSHOP JUST FOR YOU! Where: WANA Virtual Classroom Dates:   November 9, 2013, 2:00-4:00 PM EST (will send you the recording!) November 16, 2013, 2:00-4:00 PM EST (attend live AND will send the recording! You Can Still Register! USE THE … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Writer-icity & Pet-astic Links & CHEW on THIS!

I love that picture! Used it as the header for my Puppies Facebook Page which…has GONE AWAY! (or it will, shortly). Oh, the site isn’t going anywhere, but the powers that be have made a few changes. … Continue reading