Thoughty Thursday: Un-Plugged!

The past two days I’ve been in purgatory–I won’t call it hell, because it’s the ABSENCE of something vital to my writing life. And I’ve learned (horrors!) that I’m an addict. . . . . .of the Internet. In the … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Ask Amy Thinks Outside The Box

  Now that I’ve got your attention, no–that is NOT a real book. The totally twisted folks over at posted a whole slew of tongue-in-cheek (I hope!) “Rejected Children’s Books” . Here’s another one that seems to fit today’s theme–think outside the … Continue reading

Ask Amy: Why Do Dogs Roll in Nasty “Stuff?”

 Here’s the next installment in the ASK AMY video series. Do your dogs adore pungent odors? Steal dirty socks? Roll in (ahem) crappiocca?  Please share! And do you have other doggy foibles that puzzle, amaze, delight or otherwise come from … Continue reading

Thoughty Thursday: Call Me Chameleon

Okay, I’ll cop to that last one. But the hope of making $$ at writing, working for myself, staying at home with the fur-kids, evolved out of self defense—I’m not a very good employee. They say confession is good for … Continue reading