Poison Prevention Awareness Week

Actually, the whole month is promoted for getting the word out about poisons that can affect our pets. Cats and dogs can get into all kinds of trouble since they meet the world nose (and mouth) first. I keep my … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Plagiarism, Collie Stalking & Facebook Woes

“I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because otherwise Magical-Dawg *spit!* takes credit for kitty creativity!” Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC LEGAL STUFF: This post is sponsored by Grammarly. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Grammarly Proof Reading … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Yellow Dogs, Cold Weather Tips & Writerly Predictions

Is it cold and snowy where you live? NOT ME! Well, it’s colder’n a froe but no snow in North Texas so we’ve escaped the worst of it. But those in the HOLY HELL HECK snow line have my sympathies. … Continue reading

Ask Amy: Why Does My Dog Hug & Lean?

There was a bit of controversy last year over a big pet products brand that promoted “Hug Your Dog Day” and got a lot of flack over it (including from me!). But what if it’s the DOG that does the … Continue reading

A Day In The Life…Of A Pet Writer

This morning as I stared into the face of my grinning German shepherd and dodged his bruising tail flagellations, I envied him. And I envied my Siamese wannabe who still hadn’t roused herself from her daily 16-plus-hour sleep marathon. I … Continue reading