Less Adoptable Pet Week

It’s Woof Wednesday and today I’m writing about less adoptable pets. We want our fur-kids to be a match made in doggy heaven for them and for us, and the less adoptable pets may get short shrift. In the “bad … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: West Nile & Puppy Parasite Prevention

I live just north of Dallas, Texas where the greatest number of West Nile cases are being reported. It’s scary–people have died. Horses at least have a preventative vaccine to help protect them. But what about dogs and cats? Apparently … Continue reading

Whisker Wednesday: Pet ‘Net & Cat Intros

Stranger Danger Getting hissy with strange cats is a NORMAL cat behavior. In the wild, the feline that’s too friendly with a weird interloper risks getting eaten. Cats identify safe people (or other pets) by their familiar smell. A fresh-from-the-shelter … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Less Adoptable? More LOVE!

Jodi is the dog I grew up with. She was 6 months younger than me, so we had her as long as I can remember. Half beagle, half who-knows-what, she was the pick of her litter and the best dog … Continue reading

Furry Friday: Adopting “Other-Abled” Pets

PetFinder.com sponsors Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week September 17-25. The event is devoted to giving those pets who are often overlooked at shelters and rescue groups for whatever reason — they’re old, the wrong breed, have special needs, or are simply different or … Continue reading