Nom-Nom-Nom! How to TREAT Without Tummy Troubles

Treats cause tummy troubles? Really? According to my pets, “bad treat” is an oxymoron. “Only morons say that,” says Karma-Kat, paws-ing in his pursuit of a scorpion munchie. “Oxy? Is that like steaky?” says Magical-Dawg, drooling and licking his lips. … Continue reading

Grain Free Cat Food, Does It Matter? #HillsPet Has Answers!

Have you heard about grain-free cat food? A few years ago, the word “natural” got attached to both people and cat food products, even though there was no legal definition of the term or specific benefit—folks just like the idea … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Food, Glorious Food & Worry-icity!

PET FOOD RECALL–REDUX Yes, it’s happened again and the culprit is salmonella. But it’s not home cooking folks or raw feeders, but commercial foods once again. BRAVO to Diamond Foods, the manufacturer/packager of a number of brands, that kicked off … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Dog Food Info & How To Stop Gassy Dogs

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks writing about pet food to help pet parents best choose what to put in the bowl. It’s up to owners to do research into what fits your furry wonder’s age and lifestyle. Do … Continue reading