Monday Mentions: Festive-icity & Re-charging

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m very late decorating this year but did manage to create some new wreaths for the windows outside the house. Today, my hubby has to work so I’ll be scurrying around creating indoor festive-icity including … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Merry Cat-mas & More

We’ve finally thawed out of the melted ice-mageddon of being stuck a week inside. I was able to get all the way through my first pass revisions on HIDE AND SEEK, and sent that back to my editor. I also … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Purina, Better With Pets & Writer-icty

Last week I was invited to attend the Purina Better With Pets summit–and had a blast! There were 16 speakers, each presenting on stage in front of a huge screen (think TED for pet lovers). Not only was the event … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Erotica Panic, Kitty Face & Scottie Pinwheels

I’m feeling a bit like that baby rat, in a world out of my control and running the hamster wheel fast as I can with nowhere to safely jump off! Whew! Finally completed the orchestration for our performance of STRAYS, … Continue reading


That’s Elle (pronounced “Ellie”) in the picture and yes–she’s a Pit Bull. She’s also the hero dog of the year! Click the picture to find out about her and the other doggy heroes. I got NEWS…the next thriller HIDE AND … Continue reading