ComPETability Books FREE!

I’m on vacation visiting with family and may not be able to respond to emails/comments as timely as usual. Maybe it’s the eggnog, or the carols, or the sheer joy of the challenges and blessings of this past year–a lot … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Maggots, Plague & Good Times!

I’ve been deep into discussions about the making of LOST AND FOUND for the past couple of weeks on the DogRead list (today is the last day–but you can read the archives if you wish *s*). It seems that I’m … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Lee Child, Reacher & Speeding To Publish

The long promised short clips from the 2012 Thrillerfest finally will be posted–and here’s the first, with the awesome Kathleen Antrim interviewing Lee Child about his Jack Reacher novels–and the movie. Honestly, I can’t imagine having written so many novels. … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Name That Dog!

Some of y’all know that my debut thriller LOST AND FOUND will be published this fall. Last night I sent back edits to my publisher and now we’re working on cover design. It’s a challenge because–well–it has to be right! … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Thrillerfest, Pet Whisperers & Veterinary Hospice

After an exhausting but exhilarating opening weekend of the show Fiddler On The Roof, I’m ready to return focus to the writer-icity schtuff. Oh, the show runs every weekend this month so I’ll have that to look forward to. But … Continue reading