Feline Friday: Cat Behavior, Felinese and Saving Shelter Cats

  It’s Feline Friday, and I have some kitty-talk tips for you! Ever wonder what goes on between your cat’s furry lil’ ears, especially when they look like airplane wings? Does a kitty’s wagging tail mean the same thing as … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Scratch THIS! Free Cat Behavior Course

Does clawing raise your blood pressure? Funny, it LOWERS a feline’s stress levels, and kittens and adult cats claw for many reasons. In fact, upset cats often claw-target items that smell the most like a beloved human (your bed, your … Continue reading

Howl-iday Travel with Dogs

I just got word from my delightful Red Room colleague Gina Misiroglu  that Paw-Nation posted my latest article, Helping Dog Relatives Get Along. Gina put me in touch with the fine folks at AOL as one way to bring more attention and traffic … Continue reading

Your Aging Cat (and More!)

Hot on the furry heels (or is that “heals?”) of the Golden Oldies Senior Pet Blog Tour, I’ve a bonus article for those who share their hearts and lives with a senior kitty. Happy howl-idays!  Does your heart belong to a … Continue reading