Feline Friday: Ask Amy, Kitty Yowls & Litter-ary Woes

Of course, the Romeo cats take the opportunity to baptize everything in sight to announce their macho status to the banshee-esque girls. Even if your fur-kids have had their gonads snipped, the love-in-the-air can prompt some serious litter-ary action. “Going” outside … Continue reading

Feline Friday: National Hairball Awareness Day

That blue bed is as hairy as Seren-Kitty! Do you know what today is? In celebration, Seren-kitty left me a “present.” She has good aim. She nailed the buttons on my printer, the scanner that sits next to it, AND … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Why Cats Hate Vets & Feline Fate

  Cats get the short end of the health care stick. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats visit the vet much less frequently than dogs. It’s not that felines are healthier (although cats do hide illness better) but … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Coyotes, Frisbees and Annoying Dogs

  My Magical-Dawg loves to run. I’ve lost weight since we got him, just trying to keep up. We have 13+ acres in N Texas, most of it pasture but about four acres in trees and scrubby “schtuff” that can’t … Continue reading

Annoying Cat Owner Habits

Wow, two blogs in one day? Who’d a-thunk-it? *s* Hope y’all will read the earlier Tuesday Tips, Part 1 (on writing), but meanwhile I’ve an update for you on the kitty behavior front.  Actually, it’s on OWNER’S BEHAVING BADLY, LOL! We love … Continue reading