Feline Friday: National Hairball Awareness Day

 Shedding season increases the odds kitty will “urk” more often, especially in longhair cats. The techie term for hairball is a “bezoar.”   I warn you, don’t click that link until after breakfast. I’m not posting a picture cuz I don’t … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Howl-oween Spook-tacular

Early people honored animals with cave paintings, worshipped them as gods, and felt awed by their mysterious ways. Even though dogs have become our partners and beloved companions, a mournful howl or puzzling behavior still can shiver your spine, especially … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Canine Senility Cure?

Dogs aged 11 to 16 are most likely to develop Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), sort of the doggy version of Alzheimer’s Disease. CCD is a medical condition in which a starch-like waxy protein called beta amyloid collects in the brain … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Storks, Babies & Separation Anxiety

Whether you’re an expectant parent or grandparent, a new baby can bring joy into your life. But what does a newborn mean for the animals you’ve lived with for years? Dogs used to adults may not recognize babies as the … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: When Pets Hate Your Soulmate

When love is in the air, everyone’s happy, right? So why did the cat hiss and baptize his shoes? What’s up when your dog growls at his voice? Why can’t your pet love your soul-mate as much as you? And … Continue reading