SEX-SEX-SEX! & Kindle-ization of Course

Now that I have your attention, let me paraphrase best-selling author William Bernhardt: “Writing a book is like having sex; both are messy but worth it in the end.” I’m just back from William Bernhardt’s Annual Workshop, and it was … Continue reading

Kindle-izing & Switching Gears

It’s been several weeks since the great hoo-ha Kindle adventure began. And thanks to one and all for following the progress. While it took a lot of time, angst, and broken nails typing the sucker and formating the pictures, I … Continue reading

A Kindle-ization Update & Bonus “Furry” Reads

The news about my Kindle journey continues to be positive, with Complete Kitten Care continuing to sell well, now into the double digits in less than a month. I’m told (by them-thar experienced E-authors) that the key to sales is … Continue reading

Kindle-izing Kittens & Conference Success

Last weekend I attended the Oklahoma Writers Federation annual conference. Any gathering of like-minded writerly types inspires me with rocket-fuel determination to GET-STUFF-DONE! This conference was no exception. Right on the heels (paws?) of Kindle-izing my first book, Complete Kitten … Continue reading

It’s Alive! The Kindle-izing Journey Continues . . .

After a little over a month, much research and even more angst, Complete Kitten CareĀ is LIVE and available for $2.99 at Kindle. Whew! While publishing via the DTP (digital text plaform) provided by Amazon works great for text-only (fiction) works, … Continue reading