Tuesday Tips: Ask Amy Thinks Outside The Box

  Now that I’ve got your attention, no–that is NOT a real book. The totally twisted folks over at Smoshed.com posted a whole slew of tongue-in-cheek (I hope!) “Rejected Children’s Books” . Here’s another one that seems to fit today’s theme–think outside the … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Absinthe of Malice & Ghostly Muses

My colleague and mystery author Pat Browning has had great success recently with Kindle. The reviews of her latest mystery, ABSINTHE OF MALICE have been glowing. You should check out her blogs because she’s a poster child for being a chameleon and … Continue reading

Thoughty Thursday: Are We There Yet?

  Funny how things that used to be a VERY-BIG-DEAL suddenly become a so-what issue. Stay with me here, but it seems that the whole Conventional vs Natural  vet medicine argument looks a whole lot like Traditional vs Indy pub discussions. … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Kindle-ization, Book Tours & Opposable Thumbs

Sometimes evolution is a bitch. Has publishing suddenly grown opposable thumbs? It seems a lifetime ago that I wrote two books with my good friend Dr. Marty Becker of Good Morning America. He invited me to the party to be a co-editor with … Continue reading

Tuesday Tips: Kindle-ization and Romancing NAKED Books

  Those who read this blog know that I’ve been I’ve been updating and “kindle-izing” my backlist books. Authors interested in taking the plunge can learn about my journey in a serious of previous blogs on the subject that include … Continue reading