CAT CRAZY Radio Show Debuts Tonight!

I’ve always been CAT CRAZY (and dog crazy…and just PLAIN crazy!) pretty much forever. And lately I’m crazy with deadlines so today’s blog post is very short and sweet, so I can kick to the curb a couple more of … Continue reading

Say What? Helping Deaf Pets Deal with Schtuff

Seren is going deaf. She can still hear some things, but it’s obvious that her hearing has deteriorated especially in the last year. It used to be I could call Seren to come watch the bunny on the patio, and … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Word-icity, Food Stamps for Pets & Nosy Awards

As a writer, I love words and I suspect readers love ’em, too. Some words are just fun to say, and the other day my co-author and I got tickled listing a bunch of our favs. To spread the fun … Continue reading