Thoughty Thursday: Health Benefits of Cats & Dogs

But did you know that the stress relief works both ways? Yep, petting your puppy or kitty not only reduces your stress, it makes the pet healthier, too. You don’t even have to touch them for this pet effect to … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Imperfect Pets

Oscar does many things. He helps watch over his little sister. He keeps the Tempur-Pedic bed nice and warm at night and he helps his Mommy write by sitting on her feet, under her desk. But Oscar has done more … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Diarrhea & Taxes

¬† Based on yesterday’s “dogs roll in stuff” video¬†and today’s posts you’d think this blog has gone into the toilet . . . and some days/weeks it really does turn out that way. Sharing your life with dogs and cats, … Continue reading