#Blizzard Hazards and Carbon Monoxide Danger

There’s a major disconnect for me today–while much of the East is dealing with the 2015 Blizzard, here in N. Texas our forecast is for a 70-degree sunny day. But that’s predicted to change very soon, and Magical-Dawg can’t wait. … Continue reading

Cold Protection for Hot Dogs & Cats

Do your fur-kids enjoy the cold weather? Or do they use shivery days to campaign for more lap time? How do YOUR pets stay warm during shivery days? I know it’s only Fall and warm weather will hang around for … Continue reading

Furry Friday: Allergic to (Achoo!) Pets? Here’s Help!

Sensitive people don’t react to the pet hair at all. Instead a specialized protein found in the saliva and skin causes the reaction. Any pet may provoke an allergic reaction–there’s no such thing as a “hypoallergenic” pet, despite marketing claims … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Kitty Claws & Pedicures

Sneaking up on Seren-kitty can have dire consequences. I was reminded of this during our bi-weekly session trimming her claws. Yes, she gets regular pedicures, especially since she’s gotten older. Senior cats‘ claws tend to thicken and now she “clicks” … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Awful Abscess!

This time he needed to be shaved and the spot lanced and cleaned out for it to drain. The veterinarian found no wound. It was apparently a “sterile abscess” which means the underlying tissue became inflamed (from a bruise? who … Continue reading