Monday Mentions: Scat-Man, Scams, Pirates & Goldens Rule!

Enroll your Golden in the Morris Animal Foundation program (listed below) and give hope to all the Goldens who have come before like Pooh Bear…and all the wonderful doggies of our future. I’ve recently received several emails from WhiteHall Publishing … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Blogs, Pet Food & Summer Colds

I’m sick today, urk. No voice. Stuffy head. Feel exhausted. So that’s my excuse for the brevity. I’ve had folks suggest a number of remedies–eat marshmallows to coat the throat and my personal favorite, sip “Hot Damn” (cinnamon flavored schnapps). … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Putting On the Dog at Dog Shows

Wow. I have to applaud the passion, and I actually agree with some of the comments. I also would like to see an end to the need for rescue and shelters, but I don’t believe banning dog shows (or cat … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: How To Brush Puppy Teeth

Pungent pet breath goes beyond offending houseguests; it signals the beginning of dental disease that’s not only painful, but can cut short your pet’s life. February is National Pet Dental Health Month so it’s the perfect time to “brush up” … Continue reading