Got Strays? Pet-Astic Theater Celebration Helps #Cats & #Dogs

STRAYS, an original musical by local playwrights Amy Shojai and Frank Steele, premiers at the Honey McGee Playhouse for three nights only November 6, 7, 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm. Cast with 30 local talents, the review-style show explores furry … Continue reading

Puppy Play! The Good, The Bad & the Dangerous

It’s here! *cue the trumpets, tail wags & happy howls!* COMPLETE PUPPY CARE is now available for your puppy-licious reading pleasure. I’ve included a brief excerpt below about how to tell when GOOD puppy play tips over into DANGEROUS games. … Continue reading


Those who regularly read this blog know that I not only write about pets, but also give talks about pet behavior. You may be surprised to learn that sometimes I write music about pet behavior, too and even SING about … Continue reading

Food Aggression in Dogs is No Laughing Matter!

This video that’s suddenly gone viral, makes me incredibly sad. Despite the “LOL!” shares and comments about “how cute” this behavior is, plain and simple this is a disaster in the making. Resource guarding is NOT a joke! And the … Continue reading

Why (and How) Pets Drink from Toilets

How do your pets drink? Do your pets drink from toilets? I found these videos and they were just too good not to share! I’ve written before about why they choose to slurp from that “porcelain thrown” but not the … Continue reading