Why Do Dogs Roll in Nasty Schtuff

I’m just back from a wonderful trip to San Diego (details to come on Friday’s blog), and so am a wee bit behind trying to get caught up. I’ve updated this blog, and also made some changes to my website. … Continue reading

Cars for Dogs & Happy Yappy Appy for Puppy Bowl!

That’s right, thanks to Subaru, there’s now a FREE APP for your tablet or mobile devices that works in unison with the broadcast as well as re-broadcasts. I’m not a techie, but am told somehow the sounds during the Puppy … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Canine Sound Sense & Ear Problems

Ain’t he a cuty? That’s the Magical-Dawg shortly after he came home at about 9-and-a-half weeks. Yes, he’s a German Shepherd, but you wouldn’t know it based on those ears. Canine ears help give our dogs their fine looks, breed … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Puppy Training Tips–Sit, Wait, Come!

TEACHING “COME” This one is a HUGE DEAL when you’ve got a puppy on the loose. After all, the little guy learns very quickly that you can’t catch him and then–wow, watch the fun HE has while you tear your … Continue reading