Celebrating Cat Writing Awards that Celebrate Cats! Get Your Gift Book Here

Cat Writers Hosts Awards Banquet I have attended every Cat Writers Association event since the beginning that celebrates cat writing awards, and almost missed the 23rd Annual Conference and Awards Banquet this past weekend. Part of that was concern about … Continue reading

Ask Amy: Dog Uses Cat Litter Box

Today I’m at the Cat Writers Conference in Dallas, having a ball attending expert writing seminars and schmoozing with lots of cat (and dog) lovers. Last night at the opening event there were lots of BOO-tiful costumes displayed during the … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cat Writers, Bat Saviors & Garbage Musicians

This week I’m preparing for the 19th Annual Cat Writers Conference, to be held in my back yard (Dallas TX). After the seminar lineup on Friday, that evening I’ll be performing with my cohorts in a sampling of music from … Continue reading


  (Sherman, TX, 10-17-13) – Local playwrights, co-authors Amy Shojai and Frank Steele, have cast STRAYS, THE MUSICAL with five popular local performers. The completed original show will feature a dozen catchy songs, an ensemble cast, and laugh out loud … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Heike Update and Furry Muses

It occurred to me over the past week how very connected we are—be it through our writing, our mutual love of pets, or other issues. These connections can be intentional or accidental, but all have benefits. I’ll be posting “shout … Continue reading