Feline Friday: Screen Scratching Maniac

Cats claw. They’re just wired that way. And they’ll find all kinds of unique targets if they don’t feel satisfied with the usual fare. Today’s blog has two Ask Amy videos, both with advice and information about your kitty claw-maniacs. … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Ask Amy & Claw THIS!

I’ve got a cat-tastic update for y’all. Remember last Thursday’s blog about “Thursday” the stray kitty adopted from the City Limits outdoor cafe? Heard back from Jodi Green’s nephew, Deron McCraw, that the kitty’s name is now “Merlin.” And he … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Scratch THIS! Free Cat Behavior Course

Does clawing raise your blood pressure? Funny, it LOWERS a feline‚Äôs stress levels, and kittens and adult cats claw for many reasons. In fact, upset cats often claw-target items that smell the most like a beloved human (your bed, your … Continue reading