Furry Friday: Mother’s Day for Pets

Dogs lean against us. Yes, it can be pushy or awkward especially with big dogs, but it’s a way of showing and asking for love and attention. Either sit down so he can lean and love, or teach him to … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Contests, Dog Meets Wolf & PET FOOD RECALL!

This past weekend I attended the annual OWFI Conference and had a ball. It’s as much about reunions and connecting with like minded folks as it is attending the stellar seminars. I had a ball moderating a panel on social … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Fabulous Flowers, Furry Pet Care & Fantastic Writing Tips

Last week I mentioned the 500 antique roses around our house? It used to be 700+ but the drought, armadillos and grasshopper attrition left a dent. You cannot believe the aroma! With all the recent rain, we’re fighting with the … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Solving Behavior Problems in Your MultiCat Household

It’s HERE! The latest Kindle-ized book ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems in Your MultiCat Household has been released and it’s all about explaining why cats do what they do (aka DRIVE YOU CRAZY) and how you can solve those peevish problems. … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Poop-alicious Remedies

When you have pets, shitake happens. (Hey, I figured the word “crappiocca” might have been over-used lately, so…) One of the most common cat behavior complaints I get has to do with hit-or-miss litter box behavior. And it’s one of … Continue reading