Attack kitten

Cat Fight! What to Do

How do you stop a cat fight? And how do you know the cat fight is serious--or kitten play? Read on! Karma-Kat and Seren-Kitty engage in what appears to be a cat fight on almost a daily basis. From Karma's standpoint, he wants to wrestle and play. Seren is not amused, and starts yowling at him … Continue reading

Cats & Mirrors

Years ago when I was on tour as the spokesperson for the Purina Cat Chow Way of Life Tour, we'd arrive in town the evening before and visit the shelter to choose a kitty for the next morning's TV appearance. The "stars" almost always got lots of attention from viewers and were adopted. … Continue reading

Attack Cat!

Is your pet an attack cat? Does he or she serve as a guard kitty, able and willing to keep bad guys at bay? Debbie Russell, one of my IAABC behavior consultant colleagues, recently read my debut thriller LOST AND FOUND and posted a lovely and very positive review that said in part, "I also loved … Continue reading