Ask Amy: Why Does My Dog Hug & Lean?

There was a bit of controversy last year over a big pet products brand that promoted “Hug Your Dog Day” and got a lot of flack over it (including from me!). But what if it’s the DOG that does the … Continue reading

Ask Amy: Cat Wants Pets When I Get Up & FREE FOOD ANNOUNCED!

Today’s the day Seren announces the winners of the #HillsPet food treat baskets! On November 15 the blog invited folks to comment why their cat(s) deserved treats for a chance to win one of 20 give away food baskets. I’d … Continue reading

#HillsPet Makes Cats Friendlier!

What does cat food and cat treats have to do with making your house cat more friendly? One the most common questions I get as a cat behavior consultant deals with the evolving c’attitude of maturing kitties. Pretty much all … Continue reading

Ask Amy: Pets Pester When I’m On Computer

I’m head-down crazy in the middle of revisions on HIDE AND SEEK. If you missed the NAME THAT DOG/CAT contest and want in on the fun (and get you and your pet name in the book) be sure to check … Continue reading

Cats, Books & Litter-ary Tastes

As you read this, I am in New York at Thrillerfest, celebrating the best writing in thrillers around. It seemed appropriate to offer a post today about the relationship between cats and books–since felines figure so much in my own … Continue reading