Feline Friday: Ask Amy & Old Loudmouth Kitties

Older cats also may lose some litter box allegiance after a lifetime of being faithful. “Going” outside the litter box is the top cat-behavior complaint of cat owners. Litter-box problems lose cats their homes and lives. But cats use urine … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Howl-oween Spook-tacular

Early people honored animals with cave paintings, worshipped them as gods, and felt awed by their mysterious ways. Even though dogs have become our partners and beloved companions, a mournful howl or puzzling behavior still can shiver your spine, especially … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Read Till Your Eyes Bleed & Blogging Superstars

I won the VERSATILE BLOG AWARD, how kewl is that, from the delightfully wicked Shellie Sakai (note–watch out for the spider!). I’ve never won a blog award before, and am particularly taken with the Snidely Whiplash-ian character badge. Thank you … Continue reading

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass?

Not long ago a fun and interesting discussion on my Facebook page generated an Ask Amy video about why dogs eat dirt so it’s not that much of a stretch to ask why does my cat eat grass? Yep, Seren … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Canine Senility Cure?

Dogs aged 11 to 16 are most likely to develop Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), sort of the doggy version of Alzheimer’s Disease. CCD is a medical condition in which a starch-like waxy protein called beta amyloid collects in the brain … Continue reading