Woof Wednesday: National Dog Show & Ask Amy Grooming

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everyone knows what that means–NATIONAL DOG SHOW! The Kennel Club of Philadelphia for the past several years have held this show the weekend before Thanksgiving, and then NBC televised the production after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Screen Scratching Maniac

Cats claw. They’re just wired that way. And they’ll find all kinds of unique targets if they don’t feel satisfied with the usual fare. Today’s blog has two Ask Amy videos, both with advice and information about your kitty claw-maniacs. … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Ask Amy & Old Loudmouth Kitties

Older cats also may lose some litter box allegiance after a lifetime of being faithful. “Going” outside the litter box is the top cat-behavior complaint of cat owners. Litter-box problems lose cats their homes and lives. But cats use urine … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Howl-oween Spook-tacular

Early people honored animals with cave paintings, worshipped them as gods, and felt awed by their mysterious ways. Even though dogs have become our partners and beloved companions, a mournful howl or puzzling behavior still can shiver your spine, especially … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Read Till Your Eyes Bleed & Blogging Superstars

I won the VERSATILE BLOG AWARD, how kewl is that, from the delightfully wicked Shellie Sakai (note–watch out for the spider!). I’ve never won a blog award before, and am particularly taken with the Snidely Whiplash-ian character badge. Thank you … Continue reading