Dog Allergies & Soothing Itchy Dogs

Spring is the SNEEZE season for humans, complete with runny eyes and sinus issues. For dog allergies, itchy skin is the more common sign of discomfort. It’s less common, but runny eyes also may develop–and of course, my Magical-Dawg has … Continue reading

Solving Allergies to Pets

Hot weather may mean more time spent indoors avoiding the sun for both people and pets. It’s also the time of year for pollen, mold and dust, so allergy sufferers double up on the dose of misery. Two days ago … Continue reading

Furry Friday: Allergic to (Achoo!) Pets? Here’s Help!

Sensitive people don’t react to the pet hair at all. Instead a specialized protein found in the saliva and skin causes the reaction. Any pet may provoke an allergic reaction–there’s no such thing as a “hypoallergenic” pet, despite marketing claims … Continue reading