KarmaStraysToday’s blog is late because honestly, I didn’t know this news would come so quickly and I wasn’t prepared. Karma thinks he should be our spokes-cat.

I’m so very pleased to announce that our next show STRAYS, THE MUSICAL is ready!

As some of y’all will recall, our preview cast presented several of the songs in a 20-minute sampling at the 20th Annual Cat Writers Association Conference last fall in Dallas. Now the script is finished, more songs added, and the full orchestration complete. We’ve lined up a stellar cast to present the complete script and songs for the first time in a Table Read–that’s with script and music in hand.

Thank you to Webster Crocker, the Administrative Director of Sherman Community Players and director of the Theatricks program. He’s opened up the calendar to give this original show its debut. Who knows? We may even get to mount the full show sometime in the future.

A table read allows the writers and cast to figure out, with the help of the audience, what works and what needs finagling, so the show can be improved when it’s finally performed. That means YOU can be a part of the process. Besides that, it’s free!

And all the actors are cats or dogs. What’s not to love?

The fully mounted show likely will include a much larger cast including a chorus, and is appropriate for any age actor (or audience). For the table read, you’re invited to join Frank Steele, Amy Shojai, Gil Nelson, Johnny Flowers, Diana and Aaron Adair on Saturday evening March 22 at 7 pm at the Honey McGee Playhouse, 313 West Mulberry Street, in Sherman, TX.

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