Something A Little Different (Could Change Your Professional Life…)

Do you know about Joseph Michael free training?

If not, you should.

In less than 2 years, Joe’s flagship course, Learn Scrivener Fast, has enrolled 17,000+ students (!) and generated more than 7-figures in online sales.

And yes, I’m one of his students, can’t say enough great things about Scrivener. I use the program to write my thrillers (maybe you do, too). So when he reached out to me to share this news, I was happy to help out.

UPDATE! Joe just opened up a BRAND NEW CLASS with all the kewl details on creating your own online biz! Discounts apply but only until 8-29-16. . .


Last week, I shared the links, below, because Joe is celebrating his 2 year “teachiversary.” (he’s a writer, and so it’s legal to make words up!)

To celebrate, he’s been “paying it forward” the past couple of weeks with give aways of some of the best practices he learned the hard way. I sent out the links to freebies to several of my email lists. In case you missed ’em, here they are again (don’t know how long these’ll stay available, though. This is for writers, readers, nonprofits, volunteers, you-name-it if you have a passion you’ve always wanted to share:


Joseph’s 10 Dirt Cheap Course Creation Tools (he uses ’em to create his courses)

Joseph’s Course Creation Bundle (love this! yep, I downloaded it…)

When this info hit the email lists, I actually got a couple of notes back saying, “there’s gotta be a catch.”

Guess we’ve been trained to be suspicious. That’s one reason I love my writers community because…


Uhm, nope. In the “indie” world, there’s a whole lot of support and sharing of resources. It’s what we do, sort of a new-age promo tactic but more than that–because it’s the right thing to do. I subscribed to Joseph’s email list ages ago, and he’s always got something neato-torpedo to share.

Now he’s stepping up the goodies so if you missed out on the other stuff, I wanted to share directly here with all my blog readers. Oh, and by all means SHARE this if you know others who might benefit (pay it forward yourself *s*).


To celebrate, he’s unpacking everything he’s learned in a new online training called 6-Figure Lunch Break: How One “Average Joe” Turned A 60-Minute Lunch Break Into A Profitable Six Figure Online Business (even without an audience or list).

The best part?

He gave me some free tickets to share! You can access the free training for a limited time here:

Register For The Free Training Here

In it, you’ll discover…

  • How a guy who couldn’t get a job as a pizza delivery guy ended up building a profitable online course business (and quit the 9-5 for good)
  • How to make extra money in 2016 (even if you have a job, family commitments, and other adult responsibilities)
  •  The one market trend that hit 56.2 billion in 2015 and is expected to double this year (and how you can tap into this wave before it passes)
  •  How ordinary people who are willing to teach what they know (even without being an expert) are doubling and even tripling their income

If you’ve ever wanted to profit from your passion, but didn’t know how, or you’re already teaching online but want to reach a wider audience and earn more money, watch the free training now.

I’ve already signed up. Cuz I know it’ll be worth it. Can’t wait to hear back what y’all think!


Oh, and if you like the FREE stuff, just imagine how great the full course will be.


Offer Ends 8-29-16!

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