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It’s still early in the year but all those holiday puppies may have the “cute factor” wearing a weeeeee bit thin by now. What was SQUEEEE! fun in that fluff-biscuit may not be as smile-worthy when he swipes your underwear and chews up the TV remote control.

My first GSD did this. Not at the same time.

Perhaps the pup gnaws the walls. Or plays poop-sicle keep away. THAT was Magical-Dawg. Thank doG he outgrew the poop-sicles.

What are your top puppy problems? Magic was a dream to house train (his poop escapades were outdoor sports), but that’s one of the most popular topics over at my site–well, that and puppy vomiting. Pet parents are rightly concerned about what comes out of the baby dog, from either end!

If it’s house soiling, you can refer to the down-and-dirty details with this potty training article and refer to the ASK AMY video below.

Equal time now–what are your most-favorite-thing-ever about puppies? Is it puppy breath? or the Frito-smell of puppy toes? Or how they snuggle and sleep with such trust in your lap? Hey, there’s a reason puppies are made so full of cute-icity, and it’s to save their furry ass-ets when they drive us bonkers! (Just wait until that furry wonder hits the juvenile delinquent stage…)

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15 thoughts on “Solve Poopy Puppy Problems

    • Holy moly! And I thought gnawing walls and windowsills was bad. 🙂 Yes, crates are great for keeping your sanity (and house) intact! Thanks for sharing, Jeanie. Those BC can be a challenge.

      • We still use the crates at night so I don’t trip on them in the dim light. They use their crates with the door open when they are tired, scared, or sometimes just hanging out. Hub was very resistant at first, saying we shouldn’t jail them, but now he sees they consider their crates as peaceful sanctuary.

  1. My li’l Finnish Spitz/German Shepherd mix rescue, Russet, went through a “poopy” period that caused her to run away from me until she got hit by a car. Now, after recovering from her brush w/disaster and a bout w/heartworm disease, she’s become a mommy-junkie.

    My favorite part of her? Hmmmmm….would it be her loving nature, puppy kisses, popcorn-smelling paws, thick, soft coat, or her insistence upon being a 35-pound lap dog, watching t.v. with me? So hard to decide!

      • And I was just warming up on my “faves”! Also, love the way Russet always looks her most adorable at night, sprawled out on the loveseat; in the morning, when her little tail-end shimmies down the stairs, and when she looks all soft and fluffy and rolls over to expose her belly whenever I have to go to school. I personally think I”m the bigger winner of the “love lottery” since I adopted her.

      • Yeah, as injured as her right hind leg was, you should’ve seen the condition of that car! ;-)) I think it just glance off of her or she’d have really been hurt even worse. (She was too fast for it.)

        • One of the worst parts of Russet’s injury was that she couldn’t/wasn’t supposed to climb stairs during her recovery period. How I missed seeing those alert little ears on the landing outside my bedroom when I woke up, every morning!

          • So glad she’s making a full recovery, Kim. It’s amazing how resilient our pets can be. No doubt, your love was part of the cure. 🙂

  2. Yeah … everybody loves puppies, until they poop! LOL When Jasmine was little (and she was SO adorable) hubby used to take her to work. All the women there were crazy about her. “Can we take her for a walk?” Just to come back on a few minutes, “eww, she pooped, do something!”

    • Hahahaha! They are little “creative geniuses” aren’t they? After working as a vet tech for so many clinics, I got over being offended by the messes. Now, human babies…that’s my kryptonite! (don’t hate me….)

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