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What “hisses” you off about your cat or dog?

Magic has started table top cruising to get at the cat’s food. Well, he puts his big paws up on the table, doesn’t actually get ON the table, so I guess we’re ahead on that. Karma-Kat uses my legs as moveable scratch objects (ouch!). And now Seren-Kitty has stopped covering up her “creativity” so we have a bit more of an odor control issue in her potty area.

We love our pets with a passion, but they can make us growl, howl, and show our claws when they behave in objectionable ways. What are your pet peeves? The most common ones I hear from clients have to do with potty training and litter box lapses, loud-mouth pets, digging/clawing issues, and jumping up on people (or counters).

The thing is, all of these behaviors are NORMAL. So what’s a caring pet lover to do, besides pull out your hair with frustration?


Well, first we must figure out why they’re driving you nuts bark-bark-barking or playing Tarzan with the drapes. When the behavior is new and has suddenly appeared or abruptly gotten worse, I always recommend a veterinary visit. You’d be surprised how often a behavior complain stems from a health issue that can be diagnosed, treated and resolved by your vet.

If the pet gets a clean bill of health, that’s the time to look at behavioral issues. Knowing what is “normal” and what might be outside the norm also is important. Yes, dogs and cats can suffer from obsessive/compulsive disorders.

Once you know the cause of the behavior—may be stray cats or wildlife is practicing romance outside your window—then interventions can be figured out. Maybe giving the dog a puzzle toy stuffed with treats will keep his mouth busy so he can’t bark nonstop.

Maybe you’ve been adopted by a new kitten, and the other cats have their tails in a twist. One of the quickest ways to create “hate at first sight” that can last a lifetime is to let the cats fight it out. Instead, introduce them slowly, step by step, keeping the newbie in a room alone at first. Oh, there’s a lot more to intros than that, and I’m happy to give you the step-by-step solution on the most common behavior complaints.


321x278xwpe5ac4d0e_06.png.pagespeed.ic.jImZtb3awCThis Saturday April 25th come to my free PET PEEVES workshop during the Texoma Earth Day Festival at the Sherman Municipal Grounds, from 12:30 to 1:20. I’ll explain the mystery behind weird subjects like—why do pets follow you to the bathroom? For those looking for a new furry wonder to adopt, you can learn how to chose the best pet combos using the P.E.T. Test, sure fire secrets to pet introductions, and more.

I’ll also have copies of some of my pet books available that offer even more detailed explanations and advice about all your cat and dog must-knows. There’ll be treats for the dogs  and a drawing for “earth friendly” litter.

Texoma Earth Day Festival runs from 8:30 to 5:00 pm with many other workshops and lots of entertainment. I understand that adoptable pets also will be available, so you can put your new “peeve-centric” knowledge to work! I’ll see you in the workshop area at 12:30.

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