I had to get that out of the way first of all. Yesterday I sent my next suspense thriller SHOW AND TELL to my faithful, picky, red-pencil maniacal (in a good way!), totally PAW-some beta readers to slice-dice-critique the work. It’s nail-biting time, hoping the story holds together.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my hard copy and going through the manuscript for another couple of edits. Then I’ll incorporate my readers’ notes, and send SHOW AND TELL off to my editor.

Cat, pen and blank open notepadAnd she’ll repeat the process.

I’m hoping that by the end of the month we’ll have a pub date nailed down, as well as possible pre-order date. Here comes the fun stuff for all my Sweet Peeps, and especially those who won the NAME THAT DOG and NAME THAT CAT contest. For the runners up to the contest, pay attention because this involves you, too.


To entice those on the fence into “adopting” this latest SHOW AND TELL book and reward those for lending their pets’ names to the story, I’m putting together bonus material. Some of this will ONLY be available to those who order the book the first week of release, on a first come first serve basis.

To get the bonuses, you’ll need to email me a copy of your order receipt–that’s easy if you order online, just hit “forward” to amy @ (no spaces) with the subject line SHOW & TELL BONUS.

TripleA-LogoMy TRIPLE A TEAM will get first dibs, and next the subscribers to my PET PEEVES newsletter, and only then will it be announce publicly. So, if you’re not yet a member or subscriber, you might want to check those out.

What’s the bonus? Here ya go:

  1. Limited edition POSTER of the book cover, and *photos of the NAME THAT DOG/CAT winners: Hercules, Waffles, Boris Kitty, Fuzzit, Kinsler, Teddy and Dot. The poster will be paw-tographed of course!
  2. Exclusive EXTRA CHAPTER in Shadow’s viewpoint, featuring all the Runners Up winners: Thor, Lucy, Truffle, Caster, Einstein, Freckles, Buster and Bo.
  3. First looks/listen/share of the SHOW AND TELL trailer
  4. (If I can get it done in time…) First looks/listens of an original music video and the song SHOW AND TELL (written/performed by moi…maybe with Magical-Dawg howling backup!). In another life, I’m a singer/song-writer. 🙂

*If you are a winner or runner up but don’t have a photo or can’t get me one in time, I’ll find a stand-in image for the poster.

Stay tuned, because if you’re also a blogger and interested in helping get the word out, I’d love to work with you and offer some exclusive first look excerpts partnered with some of these bonuses.

Now, after a couple weeks of head-down busy-icity, I hafta get caught up on other work. Later, Sweet Peeps!

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  1. Is the bonus stuff automatically being sent to winners (at least the extra chapter LOL)? (Also ooh pictures of all the babehs on the poster? That’s awesome!)

    • Hi Karyl, Sorry no…the winners (including the runners up!) will get their names and pets in the book and/or the acknowledgements. The bonus stuff is just that…bonus for those who purchase the book that first week. *s*

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