Seren’s 16th Birthday Catnip Bash!

Today’s Seren-kitty’s birthday! Well, it’s the day we’ve chosen to celebrate, anyway. It’s been a week long celebration, though, and she’s never at a loss for toys when terrific companies like Nekochan Enterprises sends kitty fun for a review.

I’ve been bad, they sent the Neko Critter toys back before Christmas and I’ve been so covered up the review was late. Actually I’ve reviewed some of the Neko Flies before here, where they got a 5-star rating. This time around I’ll give a 5-star rating to the Foxifur Kittenator (Seren’s fav!) and a 4-star to the Kiticatterfly, but the third one (Kattipede) is segmented and easily chomped in two. I can see how it might be the cat’s fav but it could prove deadly if swallowed. In fact, a couple of my colleagues tested the toys with their cats and the kitties DID chomp this one in half. Check out what Seren thought of the toys in her video (forgive the bad light, it was a stormy cloudy day).

Oh, and just for fun, I also caught Seren on camera drunk out of her fuzzy head on high-quality ‘nip. That’s the second video…and the music is from our KURVES, THE MUSICAL show. I figured Seren needed some fun audio to go along with her antics.

What are some other fun ways to celebrate pet birthdays? We talked a bit about it on the Monday Mentions blog but let your virtual cat out of the bag to tell everyone what YOUR cat craves?

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12 thoughts on “Seren’s 16th Birthday Catnip Bash!

  1. My cat bro Bert is an admitted “nip o holic” so I let him see this post. He also eats any cat toys mom gives him, so we no longer have cat toys which is sad as he loves to play but it is just too dangerous as he eats the entire toy mouse! Happy Birthday, kitty!

    • Head-bonks to Bert! Yes, we humans have to watch out for the kitties and supervise/pet proof any toys. With Magical-Dawg in the house, I also have to be careful that he doesn’t grab-and-swallow something potentially dangerous. Seren loves sparkle-balls but it has too often resulted in sparkly doggy poop (or vomit). So those are no longer allowed.

  2. Simba gets weird about things she likes as far as treats go… she’ll love one for a while, then snub it later.

    For toys, her favorites were always the wee little furry mice that rattle (which she always had to “kill” first – found out when I tossed her a new one and heard a loud CRUNCH). She had a little gray one that was always her favorite until her vision started going. She also had a big grey mouse with a bell on its tail that was passed down from my parents’ other cats, given to me when Simba first moved in. She will swat at wand toys, but she’s not as into interactive play these days, mostly batting at her toys that are already on the floor. She used to go nuts for just about any of the wand and string toys to the point where I knew if her eyes were dilated all the way, hands should not go anywhere near her because she was in “kill mode” and would swat anything that moved. LOL Not so much anymore, though.

    Her HUGE favorite, though, is something that’s not really a cat toy, but Simba went nuts for this thing after I brought one home. Something called Squirmles, little fuzzy worm-looking things on a thin piece of line you can barely see. I pulled the eyes off after she decided it belonged to her. I guess to her it’s like chasing actual prey, so she goes wild. Anubis, on the other hand, is kind of scared of the things, because he can’t figure out how the heck they’re moving “on their own”.

    Anubis, who now has his own blog (born out of my boredom while I was sick) prefers chicken, cake (I have never seen a cat so obsessed with cake), and something we call “fishy paper” (bonito flakes, but he was confused by that term so we used words he already knew instead). Recently he has also decided, after stealing some, that he likes fried zucchini. This is the second food he’s taken a liking to in this manner. He gets in the kitchen and yowls sometimes, so if we’re eating something we don’t think he wants, we let him sniff it to show him he doesn’t want it. Twice now he has disagreed with us. Once with french fries (I have never seen food disappear that fast), and now with the zucchini. He was all disgruntled because James took it away from him until we looked up whether it was safe. Then he ate like 5 pieces.

    Toys… he goes back and forth. Ping pong balls are great, those little sparkly balls your Seren loves so much are also a hit. He also likes plain old strings (especially the ones he steals). He also seems to like the Kickeroo that used to belong to Simba (she doesn’t play with it much anymore).

    • Ooh, Seren loves the bonito flakes, too–Kitty Kaviar. But she doesn’t get as much treats anymore since she’s on a therapeutic diet for her kidneys. She still begs, though, when we have meals.

      Fried zuchini, now that’s the first I’ve heard of that! LOL! How fun. Oh, and share the URL to Anubis’s blog, love to take a look.

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