SCRATCHING YOUR NICHE? #Pets Bloggers on Social Media

KarmaButtIt’s snowing … here, in North Texas. And my fingers are blue from the cold! It’s a good excuse to take a closer look at pet blogging because my colleagues at BlogPaws just released a PAW-SOME infographic (see below). Because the truth is, bloggers get itchy about providing good info the best way they can and this infographic is all about scratching your niche. (pun intended *eg*)

Do you blog? Blogging these days is all about leveraging expertise and connecting with your audience. Nobody does it better than the members of BlogPaws (I’ll be speaking at the next conference, yee-haw!). I’m even a member of the Pet Blogger Influencer Group there, where we get to share resources and valuable information on the biz.

Get a load of the latest information for a “peek beneath the fur” of what pet bloggers reveal about how social media influences and impacts their blogging.

Do you agree? Is social media important to your blogging? You’re here reading this post so I know you visit at least a few blogs–how’d you get here? Did you subscribe here, or see it posted on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ or….fill  in the blank. Do tell!

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SCRATCHING YOUR NICHE? #Pets Bloggers on Social Media — 4 Comments

  1. Great article! I’m a pet blogger too and get most of my traffic from Facebook, and the least valuable is Google, just like the infographic says. I’m also a member of BlogPaws, which brings me here. I love your blog! Going to have a look around now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your article. .Got a question for you: I had a black male cat about 6 years old and a calico female about 5 years old. She had been fixed and her and him were a couple. They got along so well. A couple months ago a neighbor brought her cat to me and said she would be back for her. Yeah right! I can’t help I’m a sucker. The two that had been here so long didn’t want nothing to do with the one just left with us. We separated them to feed them. Two at the back and the new one at the front of the house. I tried to find her a home but haven’t found one yet. The problem is my 2 cats that had been here for several years gave disappeared and I haven’t seen them in about a week. The newbie is so sweet. I’m thinking my 2 left and more than likely won’t come back because of the newbie and that just breaks my heart. I love them and miss them. What is your opinion? Any suggestions?

    • Awww…so sorry Patricia. Yes, cats are very territorial so the new one could have either chased the others away, or they may simply be watching from a distance until/unless they want to accept the newbie.

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