Safe Hot Weather Games for Family Fun Month


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Did you know that August is FAMILY FUN MONTH? Whether you call ’em pets, or fur-kids, our cats and dogs are part of the family. Sometimes it’s easier to engage dogs in group activities, but cats often enjoy the interaction just as much–and need it just like the rest of the family. What do you do to keep your cats engaged? Post your comments–and suggestions–here on the Pet360 site.


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Is it still hot where you are? How do you keep the dogs (and cats) chillin’ and safe? Seren-kitty likes to chase the Ping Pong ball in the (empty and dry!) bathtub…that keeps me from having to fish it out from under the furniture. I suspect she’d also enjoy some bubble-chasing time, like the dogs in the picture below. While dogs may dive into the pool, cats like to turn throw rugs into dry land slip-and-slides. What kind of cat toys float your kitty’s boat?  Do your pets enjoy water fountains? Would your hot dog relish a cooling bed?

I offer some more family fun hot weather tips in the new ASK AMY video, below. Please share your tips here, too!


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